When Prince Charming turns into Prince Harming

Most of us have been through a break up and it’s true that the one that hurts the most is the one in which we have been dumped. Yes, it wreaks our self esteem and we go through life like ghosts….

toxic prince

But the breakheart I’m referring here is the one that does not kill you, but makes you stronger and it’s the one in which you decide to leave the toxic prince! This type of prince is toxic because he is charming like a venemous animal that charms you with his glossy exterior, but once you are within his grasp he chokes  you. So, if you are with a toxic prince stop letting him poison you with his cheats, lies and two-times….Remember that what does not kill you makes you stronger!

PS. Remember the boyfriends that will always be your “friends” are the ones you dump!