Matrimonio y mortaja del cielo bajan…o ¿no? / Matrimony and Shroud will eventually be handed down by Heaven

Ahh las bodas llenas de ritos y rituales y de vez en cuando escándalos. Si eres soltera y te vas de boda te tocará levantarte para tratar de cachar el ramo cuando la novia lo tira.
Si eres soltera y estas segura de que al cachar el ramo tu marido ideal va a aparecer, piensalo dos veces por que puede ser que alguien piense que por que te ves un poquito más grande que las demas veintiañeras estas casada y te quiten el ramo, la ilusión y el marido potencial. Entonces si que te sentiras como se sintió la chica a la que le pasó esto de verdad cuando después del incidente le dijeron: “no te vamos a sacar ni en el mercado”.
Ahh the weddings full of rites and rituals as well as some scandal are they not???
If you are a single otherwise known as a “maiden fair”when at a wedding, you at some point will be asked to catch the bouquet.
Fair Maidens wil gather at the dance floor and elbow each other to get the bouquet and maybe get a chance to be the next Mrs x. But if you my dear look a bit older then the average maiden on the floor and u catch the Bouquet, then you might be asked to give it up. If that hapens to you, hopefully you won’t be told as the Fair Maiden that looked a bit older: “Sweet baby Jesus, we won’t be able to get you a Husband even if we raffel you”


Parental Love is it or is it not?

They say there is no greater love than the one of a parent for his or her children. Even though history has its Electra’s and Oedipus’, you would think that for those exceptions parental love towards their brood could be great.

Yet sometimes that great unconditional love turns into a sense of ownership from the parent turning all that love into a choking love!

They will choose who to love regardless of your opinion.
They will lead their life’s in the way they see fit regardless of what you think.

So, don’t choke your kids they will survive everything else but you asphyxiating them! Because in the end they are a loan not yours to keep!