Tic tac tic tac I’m late for a very important date with my baby

After much thought here goes my first post in english, so bear with me…For this first post I chose to talk about women who can’t stop hearing their biological clock and become obsessed with having a baby as much as they were obsessed not to get pregnant in their twenties. I’m not talking about the women that due to physical problems can’t get pregnant (but just a quick word ladies 50% or more can’t get pregnant because their partners are the ones that due among other factors wear tight undies, use their laptops on their laps, use heated car seats, drive long hours on hot seats and their genetic material is suffering from overheating.For Gods sake guys, look at the design: It’s outside, where it can be cooled!

Anyway ladies, if you are hearing your biological clock go in the words of  Lewis Carrol: “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date” stop obsessing about it and make a plan. My suggestions below:

  1. If your partner is not that much into having kids …maybe you ought to rethink being his partner. As they say in Mexico: I might love you but I ain’t begging ( a rough translation of Habrá quien te quiera, pero no quien te ruegue)
  2. The Chinese option; As my Chinese friend once told me: “You should steal him a child”. Obviously I did not follow her advise, even though he was very handsome. Keep in mind it was chines advise and they have become a super power by coping and making everything cheaper. So, if you go for these don’t be even cheaper and go asking for alimony, you can’t steal from the same guy twice.
  3. Be innovative and independent and go thru an  IVF . There are plenty of guys that sold their genetic material when they were in their twenties. You can even custom make your baby.

Whatever you decide don’t obsess about having a baby, better obsesses about having a wonderful life!



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